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Tatonka Tarp 4 Simple

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Elementary abode with many uses.

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Tatonka Tarp 4 Simple

Elementary abode with many uses. Use it as an emergency accommodation in bad weather, as wind or sun protection, as a central meeting point on the camp or as a protection from morning dew when you're sleeping under the stars.

The "simple" version of the Tatonka Tarp 4 has the same measurements as the standard model but comes in various colours and materials and without taped seams.


  • Fixation loops
  • High quality tension points
  • Reinforced tension points
  • Eyelet for fixation of tarp pole


  • Material: Assorted
  • Seams: Not taped
  • Size: 285 x 400 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Guy attachment points: 14
  • Eyes: 4

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