Suunto X10 GPS Watch

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Suunto X10 GPS Watch

Welcome to the stunning Suunto X10 GPS Wristop Computer Watch - the much-anticipated upgraded version of the very popular Suunto X9i and one of the smallest and lightest wrist-mounted GPS devices, but with performance upgrades to make it faster, more powerful and more dependable than ever before.

The X10's improved GPS also tracks better in difficult conditions such as when you're trekking through dense woodland, providing more reliable readings when you need them most.

Unlike bulkier handheld GPS units, the Suunto X10 Watch is hands-free, so you can focus on the action around you instead of worrying about dropping or losing your GPS when the going gets tough. The Suunto X10 also records waypoints and routes, allowing users to analyse and catalogue trips on a home PC.

The Suunto X10 features an altimeter, barometer, digital compass and thermometer for all the environmental feedback you could need plus an extensive memory as well as the usual time/stopwatch functions.

Combining all of these functions into a sleek wrist computer not only enhances safety but also adds a whole new dimension to your outdoors experience.

The Suunto X10 GPS Wristop Computer is compatible with several digital mapping services across the world, including National Geographic TOPO!, Google Earth and Fugawi.

The included Suunto Track Exporter PC software makes your route planning and waypoint programming fast, accurate and simple. You can plan your routes on a digital map and download routes directly onto the Suunto X10 or print out your own personally customised maps. The Suunto Track Exporter PC software also allows you to export 'tracks' from your GPS unit to Google Earth where you can view your adventures anywhere on the globe with real satellite imagery.

When navigating on a pre-planned route, the Suunto X10 shows the direction and remaining distance to your next waypoint and calculates the estimated time of arrival. When you're on the move with a deadline to meet, the X10 shows your current speed and distance travelled using GPS functions.

The 'Find home' setting guides you on your way back to your start point or marked 'Home' position, while the 'Track back' function guides you back along any recorded route.

On the X10, the battery life is more dependable, lasting 33% longer than in the X9i.

Charging the Suunto X10

The X10 is supplied with its own USB charger that doubles as a data link so you can charge up through any PC.