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Snugpak Special Forces Complete System Sleeping Bag

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Ultimate versatility was the aim of this systems design so that it suits any trip in any environment.

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Snugpak Special Forces Complete System Sleeping Bag

Ultimate versatility was the aim of this systems design so that it suits any trip in any environment. You can use the sleeping bags individually or layer them together to cover all conditions. The Complete System gives you the Special Forces 1 Bag for use in above freezing temperatures and the Special Forces 2 Bag for use in temperatures right down to -10°C. Then, when you’re in extreme conditions, you place the Special Forces 2 Bag inside the Special Forces 1 Bag and join them together with the extra zip baffle, so you’re protected in conditions right down to -20°C. Ingenious!

When joined in this way, you retain the convenience of closing and opening with one central, quick release zip. Both bags have a reinforced foot area and come with a stuff sack to keep everything together.

Please note: The Baffle on a Special Forces System in Multicam will be manufactured in Desert Tan to match the lining of the bags.

Paratex Steelplate Outer Fabric (100% Nylon)

Paratex Steelplate is used on the cream of Snugpak's products giving a great balance between aesthetics and performance. Paratex Steelplate is lightweight, tough, highly breathable, high wicking, windproof & water repellent.

Paratex Light Inner Fabric (100% Nylon)

Paratex light is lightweight, highly windproof, water repellent fabrics, exceptionally breathable and able to wick moisture away from source.

Reflectatherm Inner Fabric (100% Polyester)

Reflectatherm, this metallised fabric is designed to retain heat and warmth. A highly breathable material, which adds little to the weight or pack size.

Softie Premier Insulation (100% Polyester)

Randomised fine filament fibres create extra voids and loft to trap more warm air, whilst keeping the same weight as a standard insulation.

MultiCam Outer Fabric (100% Nylon)

The MultiCam® pattern was developed to effectively limit the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating across a very wide range of physical environments and seasons. After many successful evaluations, after being proven in combat, and after becoming the officially issued pattern of the US Army for all Afghanistan operations in 2010, MultiCam® is the proven multi-environment concealment solution.


  • Temperature: Comfort -15°C; extreme -20°C
  • Pack size: 30x27cm (fully compressed)
  • Weight: 3200g including compression stuff sack
  • Mummy-style shape for heat retention
  • Compression stuff sack included for compact carrying
  • Reinforced foot – so strong you can even sleep with your boots on!
  • Central, quick-release zip
  • Paratex Steelplate outer shell for water resistance
  • Softie Premier & Reflectatherm filling for maximum comfort and warmth
  • Hanging tabs allow for easy hanging, airing and drying
  • Reinforced foot - so strong you can even sleep with your boots on!
  • Length: 220 cm
  • Chest width: 80 cm
  • Knee width: 65 cm
  • Foot width: 42 cm
  • Pack size: 30 x 27 cm
  • Weight: 3200 g
Made in the UK

Proudly Made in the UK

Please note this product is made to manufacture and if shown as "Available for Order" will take an additional 10 working days from time of placing the order. If shown as "In Stock" the item is available for next day delivery.

Stuff Sack

  • All Snugpak sleeping bags are supplied together with a compression stuff sack; the pack size dimensions for a sleeping bag are for the fully compressed size, which involves compacting the bag itself as it is fed into the stuff sack and then using the compression straps and some physical exertion to reach the minimum size


  • Snugpak do not recommend using a top-loader washing machine with agitator because the agitator may damage the fabric or insulation; a front-loading washing machine or hand washing is considered appropriate
  • Snugpak recommend that you wash any of their products on a low temperature setting with non-bio liquid detergent and no fabric conditioner
  • Drying Snugpak sleeping bags on a washing line is recommended; they can be tumble-dried but only on a low setting otherwise the fabric may suffer damage

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