Hi-Tec Mens Ravine Pro Waterproof Walking Boots

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    Hi-Tec Mens Ravine Pro Waterproof Walking Boots

    Hi-Tec Ravine Pro Waterproof Women's Shoes

    Lightweight, waterproof and extremely durable, the Hi-Tec Ravine Waterproof Women's Shoes will let you tackle the most extreme of terrains in volatile weather, or be a comfortable go to when walking the dog around the park.

    Leather Upper

    The 2.2mm oiled full grain leather upper structure of the shoe is designed to face the elements. Ready to be exposed to water and wet conditions, the boot is fully waterproof, keeping both your feet dry no matter what. In addition the leather is lightweight, and will not feel restrictive at all. The technology used in this shoe is Dri-Tec, a waterproofing material developed by Hi-Tec, which gives you superior waterproofing and vapour transformation from the whole shoe. The leather is also tough and highly durable, adding to the solid nature of it. Towards the top and surrounding the ankle, there is a soft foam collar, stopping irritation from occurring as a result of rubbing. Within the shoe, there is a moisture wicking lining, which will keep the foot dry from sweating.

    EVA Midsole

    With an EVA midsole, this offers the user gentle cushioning and protection from the inevitable bumps and bangs you will be subject to on rocky paths. As well as this, there is nylon in the midsole, which will absorb shocks from concentrated pressures on the bottom of the shoe will have no effect, resulting in a healthy and injury free foot. A soft inner sole also provides a gentle feel directly on the bottom of the foot.

    Tough Rubber Outsole

    The high-quality rubber outsole serves various purposes. Being extremely durable and abrasion resistant it can protect itself when exposed to adventurous landscapes. The outsole has defined lugs offering supreme grip and traction in adversity. The whole of the sole is shock absorbent, and this begins with the outsole which starts the resistance, which gets further dealt with by the rest of the sole.


    • Full Grain Leather: Oiled full grain leather for comfort and durability
    • Lightweight Feel: Maintains strength whilst still being lightweight
    • Dri-Tec Technology: Hi-Tec's waterproofing material developed gives superior waterproofing and vapour transformation
    • Tough Upper Material: The upper of the shoe is highly durable
    • Foam Collar: Soft foam collar protects the ankle from rubbing
    • Moisture Wicking Lining: Sweat on lining wicked away
    • EVA Midsole: Cushioning and protection from knocks
    • Nylon Absorption: Also within midsole - further protection
    • Soft Inner Lining: Direct contact to the sole of the foot is soft
    • High-Quality Rubber OutSole: Durable and abrasion resistant
    • Defined Lugs: Outstanding grip and traction