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Bloc Spirit 2 Otg Goggles

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Bloc Spirit 2 Otg Goggles

Bloc Spirit 2 OTG Goggles

Bloc Spirit 2 OTG Goggles allow you to wear your everyday glasses to give you the best vision for safe skiing.

The Spirit features a deeper chamber with frame cut out to accommodate glasses and a vented lens air system helps equalise the temperature between the lenses, thus reducing fogging.

All BLOC goggles are carefully designed and manufactured to be suitable for all winter sports.


  • OTG = over the glasses fit
  • Frame material alows frame to mould to an individual's face shape
  • Anti-fog flexible double lens gives greater comfort and fit
  • Thermal air cushion reinforces the anti-fog effect on the lens
  • Lenses protect from harmful UVA, B and C rays
  • Fully adjustable elastic headband



  • Colour: Silver
  • Lens: Orange
  • Cat: 2


  • Colour: Black
  • Lens: Orange
  • Cat: 2