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Suunto Sports Tracker Smart Sensor

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Turn your phone into your own personal trainer with Sports Tracker Smart Sensor heart rate monitor.

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Suunto Sports Tracker Smart Sensor

Turn your phone into your own personal trainer with Sports Tracker Smart Sensor heart rate monitor. The Sports Tracker Smart Sensor let’s you adjust your training intensity to fit your personal fitness goals. This highly accurate heart rate monitor with Bluetooth Smart technology brings real-time heart rate data into Sports Tracker’s award winning application. Heart Rate training ensures the most efficient results, whether your goal is to improve power, build endurance, or lose weight.

Sports Tracker Smart Sensor has a memory, so that you can finally record your heart rate during your swimming exercises too!

The sensor has a user replaceable, long life battery that lasts over a year, soft and comfortable textile strap and easy-to-connect compatibility with the Sports Tracker mobile application. Easy to use, great results. Track your performance!


  • Compact, comfortable fit
  • Real-time heart rate and calories burned
  • Compatible with Sports Tracker App (iOS and Android), sports apps for iPhone, Android, and Bluetooth Smart devices, as well as Suunto Ambit3
  • Records heart rate in swimming and other sports where use of smartphones or watches is not convenient*
  • Water resistant to 30 m / 100 ft
  • User replaceable battery
  • Software upgradeable
  • Adjustable strap length; minimum length 640 mm, maximum length 940 mm
  • Strap width 30 mm

* To use the memory feature, create a workout manually immediately after the exercise, while still wearing the heart rate monitor. HRM is automatically detected and the recorded heart rate data can be added to the workout. Note: the HRM turns itself off if no heart rate is detected for more than 5 minutes, and in this case the stored heart rate data is lost for good.