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Peli i1075 Hardback iPad Case

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Peli i1075 Hardback iPad Case

The Peli i1075 Hardback iPad Case is one of the very impressive range of Peli cases designed by the protective case experts to suit the growing range of electronic tablets that are increasingly being taken everywhere their owners go, however risky that is for the well-being of the sophisticated electronics of the Apple iPad and iPad 2.

This case is watertight, dustproof and crushproof and the latch will remain shut when the case is under pressure or when it has suffered an impact such as being dropped.

In addition to its very effective protective role, the Peli i1075 Hardback iPad Case provides an integrated easel that means you can use the case and iPad on a train table, for example, and still have your hands free for keyboarding etc.


  • Watertight, crushproof protection for iPad and iPad2
  • Designed to protect from drops, knocks and scratches
  • Easy-snap polymer latch remains shut under pressure or after impact
  • Automatic purge valve equalises air pressure but keeps water and dust out
  • Removable shoulder strap included
  • Integrated easel feature for hands-free viewing
  • Cushioned, moulded insert holds iPad or iPad2 in place
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Dimensions:
  • Internal: 282 x 201 x 41 mm
  • External: 314 x 248 x 54 mm
  • Approvals: IP67 (1-m submersion for 30 mins)