OutdoorGB sponsor Mongolian Charity Rally Participants

During a momentary lapse of sanity (their words not ours!), Edinburgh University graduates Alice Paisley and Juliet Waud decided to take on a massive challenge and enter the Mongolian Charity Rally 2009. After being approached by the girls, all of us here at OutdoorGB were so impressed by the dedication and support for good causes shown by the pair; we thought it was only right we got involved in sponsorship.

The rally really is a mean feat and will see the girls driving 10,000 miles in an ambulance from London to the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar. Along the way they will venture through no less than 10 countries, cross five mountain ranges, two deserts and drive down many many poorly maintained roads and of all of this in..as they put it...temperatures that would even make the devil sweat. Then factor in the opportunist border guards and power happy policemen with AK47’s they expect to encounter and you have got to ask are they mad? (Again their own words). Mad or not, they definitely live up to the slogan they have coined for themselves, No Boundaries, No Limits.

Due to these treacherous conditions they are set to face, we are supplying Alice and Juliet with a SPOT GPS Location Tracker that will ensure vital contact with emergency services, let loved ones know they are safe and also allow everyone back home to keep tabs on exactly where they are.

Driving a Nissan Terrano II SE TD ambulance affectionately named “Norbert”, Alice and Juliet are raising money for the Save the Children charity, so perhaps they are not mad. Funds raised by them will help the poorest children receive healthcare, food, education and protection. Then once they have arrived in Mongolia, “Norbert” will be auctioned off for the further benefit of the local communities.

The rally is set to take the pair 6-8 weeks to complete, during this time we will provide updates as and when we receive them.
Anyone who would like to sponsor them can do so by logging on to www.justgiving.com/aliceandjuliet or for more information visit here

"Norbert" in all his glory:

OutdoorGB Sponsor Mongolian Charity Rally