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Synonymous with Swimwear, Speedo is a truly global brand. Go to any public swimming pool throughout the world and you will find someone wearing a Speedo product. Whether it is goggles, a swim cap or swimming trunks, Speedo will have brand presence.

The influence of Speedo is so great that across the world swimming trunks are now known and generalised as Speedos, regardless of their brand. Started in Australia, by Scottish immigrant Alexander MacRae, Speedo began life in 1914 as Fortitude. The Speedo brand name being established in 1928. 81 years on and now truly a world leader, the Speedo brand is available at OutdoorGB in the form of the new Speedo watch collection.

The new Speedo watch collection brings the technology, comfort and creativity of the Speedo world to your wrist. As the world’s leading swimwear brand, Speedo is passionate about life in and around the water, supporting swimmers from beginner to elite level. This passion is translated to the watch range, with swim inspired timing instruments for the swim and fitness consumer. Cutting edge technology, unique design and sophisticated style combined with extreme comfort and practical functions are the basis for the Speedo watch range.

With Men’s, Ladies and Kids styles available, Speedo watches go beyond the pool and are perfect whether by the beach or on the street.

Innovation and technology are both present in the Speedo UV Sensor Watch, a unisex watch that is perfect for those who train outside and are proactive about sun protection. Featuring an accurate UV sensor and a UV timer, the watch will help you protect your eyes and skin from the sun’s radiation. Calibrate the UV timer to the needs of your specific skin type and the onscreen LCD index will warn you automatically when the sensor detects a UV index that is harmful to you. The UV Sensor Watch ensures you are prepared and gives you peace of mind whilst featuring more traditional fitness features such as a countdown timer and a 50 lap memory.

Putting the FUN into Functionality is the Speedo Kids Active Swim Watch. Bringing bright colours and a vibrant design to a training watch, the Active Swim is an ideal for those younger swimmers. Whilst the Active Swim is perfect for splashing about in, it is not all about messing about in as it has more grown up features such as a stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm and dual time.

For the ladies, the Speedo Women’s 150 Lap Watch is the perfect combination of sports and fashion. The beautiful and ergonomic design is inspired by hydrodynamics and offers the right balance of sportiness and elegance. The Women’s 150 Lap Watch isn’t just about the look however, with a 150 lap memory stopwatch and 10 interval timers; this is the perfect watch for the performance swimmer or indeed any other athlete.

The Speedo watches at OutdoorGB are all feature packed, but there are two relatively simple but very effective and unique features that are found across the majority of the watches in the Speedo range, Hydro Pushers and the Aqualock closure system. Hydro Pushers allow the buttons of your Speedo watch to be easily pressed in when underwater, whilst ensuring the water is kept out. The Aqualock closure system is a unique strap closure system that features a pinless buckle that is simple to use and is extremely comfortable for wearing, making the Speedo watch quick and easy to take on and off.

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