The Dakine 2009 Summer Collection at

Introducing the Dakine 2009 Summer Collection, down at OutdoorGB we have recently brought our Dakine range right up to speed to include all the latest products from the newest Dakine collection. Dakine, named after the Hawaiian Pidgin word meaning ‘the kind’ or ‘the best’ (though can be used to refer to virtually anything good!), specialise in outdoor clothing and equipment for all the alternative sports that matter.

Dakine was established in 1979, when Rob Kaplan started manufacturing the Dakine Surf Leash in Haiku,
Maui, Hawaii. Built to withstand the rigorous Hawaiian surf conditions, the success of the Dakine Surf Leash saw professional windsurfers ask Kaplan to help build footstraps for their new wave boards. Dakine later developed the first adjustable footstraps, seat harness and waist harness. The creation of the coffin board bag was a revolutionary step in surfing, making travel easier for athletes.

Today, Dakine create products for surf, skate, snowboarding, ski, windsurfing, kiteboarding and mountainbiking. So whatever alternative sport gets your pulse racing there is going to be a Dakine product for you.

Highlights of the new 2009 Summer Collection:

Part of the Dakine Summer 09 Skate Collection, the Dakine Covert Skate Pack is a rugged backpack featuring solid construction, hot designs and excellent functionality. Whether you are skating or studying, the Covert Skate Pack can suit your needs, a wide strap on the back enables you to carry your skateboard or if you prefer, your laptop with the internal padded laptop sleeve. An integrated organiser pocket ensures your pens; keys and mobile are kept safe and secure.

Carrying the name of South African professional surfer, Jordy Smith, the Dakine Jordy Smith 26L Surf Pack is an all-rounder surf backpack. Perfect for storing your kit in at the beach when surfing the waves, though equally as at home when surfing the street. Surfing, skating or studying, the Jordy Smith 26L Surf Pack has space and attachments for your skateboard, wetsuit bag and a padded sleeve to carry your laptop in safety. Solving the problem of where to put your sunglasses when the sun goes down, the backpack features a fleece-lined pocket stopping those sunglasses getting scratched.

Boasting a look that definitely isn’t spandex, the Dakine Guys' 8 Track Bike Shorts are a pair of baggies that offer a cool casual look but contribute comfort and convenience. Three zipped pockets give you plenty of stash space, keep your phone close to hand or grab some instant energy by storing a couple of bars there. Dakine know mountainbiking can get strenuous, so to save you from sweating have added inner leg vents and a moisture wicking liner for when things really start to heat up. Looking good and performing damn good, the 8 Track Shorts have a high back with a back stretch panel that offers a secure fit with little chance of catching, ensuring they ride well.

Going back to one of Dakine’s original stand out products, the Dakine Regulator Triple Travel Board Bag is just the ticket for your next road trip with your surfboards. Holding 3 boards plus all the essentials, the Regulator board bag offers maximum protection ensuring your pride and joy is kept safe with a heat reflecting energy shield on the bottom stopping your boards from cooking.

Another old school Dakine product brought bang up to date with a 2009 colourway, the Dakine Blast Men's Windsurfing Harness is absolutely loaded with features. Adjustable spreader bar height, self-tensioning leg straps, internal load equaliser patches, power clip buckle system and an 8-point load dispersion system offer everything needed to surf with fluency and with the least effort possible. To ensure maximum comfort and avoid skin abrasions, the groin straps and edges of the trapezoid are completely covered in neoprene.