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Ram Cam™Sports Camera

‘Stick it where you want’

Congratulations, You have just purchased a Ram Cam™ Sports Camera and joined a group of people who now have the capability to shock, stun and scare friends and family with the images that the camera is capable of capturing. Enjoy!

JD7 wish you good luck in your extreme sport. Enjoy this product, have fun and stay safe.

You will notice that the Ram Cam™ can be used in many applications, depending on your chosen mounting arrangement. Please note a range of mounting arrangements are available to compliment your existing Ram Cam™ Package.

The Ram Cam™ Package

The Ram Cam™ Sports Camera is a remote, robust and waterproof camera. Contained within the waterproof housing is a micro camera with wide angle (90 degree) vision lense, microphone (optional) and a standard transmitter with protruding aerial (providing upto 500 metres of range), and a 9 Volt battery power supply. This arrangement transmits the live images remotely to the Ram Cam™  receiver. The receiver is powered by the 12 volt battery pack (batteries not included). Please note that rechargeable battery packs are available. The receiver will connect to any device that has got an ‘AV in’ port via the cable provided. You may need to use this cable in conjunction with a cable that came with your AV device (Camcorder, multi media/MP4 player etc.) Please note that the recording device is not included in this package.

Connecting the battery to the camera and sealing the camera housing

Note: We recommend the use of Energiser PP3 9 volt batteries as some Duracell batteries are slightly larger, making them difficult to install.
The camera is located at the front of the waterproof housing, behind the sealed polycarbonate window. Access to the battery compartment is through the rear of the housing.

  1. Pull the power clip out of the rear of the housing. Connect a 9 volt (PP3) battery and slide the assembly into the rear of the housing. Take care not to force the battery into the housing, as this is not necessary and could result in damage to the transmitter. Rather, ensure the transmitter is flush against the housing wall, allowing adequate battery location.
  2. Fit the sealing bung. To do this, ensure all wires, the battery and transmitter are tucked well inside the housing. Ensure the bung ‘O’ ring  (black rubber washer) and bung location surfaces are free from dirt and grit. (It is recommended that the surfaces be cleaned with a lint free cloth before fitting the bung.) Lightly grease the ‘O’ ring using petroleum jelly. Loosen the nylon wing nut that is on the bung. (Loosen – do not remove!)Ensure the ‘O’ ring is centrally located on its taper washer. Now very lightly tighten the wing nut until the ‘O’ ring is just nipped. Holding the wing nut, slide the bung into the rear of the housing until it bottoms onto its location shoulder. (This may seem quite tricky the first few times you try it, but soon becomes easy) Tighten the wing nut until sufficient pressure is exerted on the ‘O’ ring to provide a watertight seal. Finally, inspect the assembly for any obvious miss alignment.
  3. Please note: The standard 9v battery should not be left connected to prevent the battery from draining. A standard 9 volt battery will last for approximately 2 hours!  DO NOT USE DURACELL AS THEY ARE LARGER WHICH MAY RESULT IN DAMAGE TO THE CAMERA.

Connecting the Receiver

Fit 8, 1.5v AA Alkaline batteries into the battery pack and using the battery clip, connect to the receivers 12 volt power port.
If you are using rechargeable batteries you will need a rechargeable battery pack that will hold 10, 1.2volt AA rechargeable batteries. (IMPORTANT: Do not use 10, 1.5 volt AA batteries to power, as this could over load and damage the receiver.)

Plug the AV lead into the AV out port (yellow) on the receiver and the other end into anything that has got an ‘AV in’ port (ie. TV, Camcorda, Multi media/MP4 player) You may have the choice of red white or yellow. Use the yellow port.
If you have purchased a Ram Cam™ with audio, then you will do the same process as above with the white lead and white connection ports for the sound.
Please not that it is possible to connect the receiver to PC or Laptop computer, however this will require an AV/Video capture card to suit your equipment.

Obtaining an Image

Once you have connected the receiver to an ‘AV in’ port, the device should be turned on and set to display the AV channel.  Make sure the batteries for the Camera and receiver have good charge, are connected correctly and that the Camera and Receiver are within range of each other. In order to obtain an image the receiver must be tuned into the Cameras transmitter frequency. To do this, slowly adjust the tuning knob located on the receiver. ( If the picture is not clear continue tuning until you find the right frequency.) Note: The camera and receiver must be in sight of each other. Tip! Raise the receiver to a higher position to maximise the transmitting range of the camera. To increase the range by up to three times, booster antenna’s are available.

Recording the Image

Once your AV device is receiving a picture then you are ready to start recording.
Simply, use the record features as normal on your AV device.

Mounting Arrangements

Your Ram Cam™ Sports Camera can be used in many extreme sports applications, depending on which mounting arrangement you use.

Multi Purpose Mounting Bracket

Motorbike, Car, Scooter, Skateboard, Snowboard, Ski, Mini Moto, Parachuting, helmets, boats, Radio Control Plane, Helicopter, Car or Boat,

Kite Mounting Bracket

Kite Surf, Kite Board, Kite Buggy

Velcro Stick Pad

Surf Board, Canoe

Sports Mounts (Suction pads)

Helmet, Motorbike, car, glass surfaces


Your new Ram Cam™ Sports Camera System is guaranteed for 12 months from the day of purchase with a valid receipt. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase. If during this time your Ram Cam™ Camera develops a fault, JD7 Ltd will replace or repair the unit.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If the camera is deemed to have been misused or un-due care and attention has been given to the unit, JD7 Ltd accept no responsibility for its repair or replacement.

JD7 Ltd accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused by the use of this product.