SealSkinz Merino Thermal Liner Gloves
Colour: Black, Seals: One Size
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SealSkinz Merino Thermal Liner Gloves

For times when the weather is just so bitterly cold that even your trusted windproof gloves can't keep your hands from going numb, SealSkinz Merino Thermal Liner Gloves to fit between your hands and gloves.

These liner gloves are great for creating an extra layer of insulation when you need it most and, as they fit so easily inside SealSkinz waterproof gloves, you can continue to benefit from the protection and grip offered by the windproof range, for example.

if you slip a pair of SealSkinz Thermal Liner Gloves into your rucksack then you will be prepared even for the most extreme of weather conditions. Next time you're caught in an unexpected snowstorm, at least you won't be worrying about numb hands!

Please note: This SealSkinz product is not waterproof.


  • The merino wool liner glove offers superb wicking performance and excellent insulation
  • Extra stretch - high Lycra content means a great fit for everyone
  • Unique design - developed and tested to be worn with SealSkinz waterproof gloves
  • Made from 98% merino wool and 2% Lycra
  • One size fits all
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