C-Map NT+ Plus Wide - Benelux, Germany, Poland & Denmark (w)
Chart Area: M-En-C124 Denmark
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C-Map NT+ Plus Wide Charts

One of the most reliable chart options for boaters worldwide, C-Map NT+ Plus charts continue to deliver exceptional quality and value to navigators worldwide.

Jeppesen’s classic line of electronic charts offers the same reliable navigation detail easy-to-use features you expect in all C-MAP products.

To complete your order, please email details of your chartplotter brand and model number to the email address at the bottom of the page so that we may program your chart on a compatible cartridge.


  • Global coverage
  • Rich detail and information
  • Port and tide information
  • Frequently updated chart data
  • Easy on-screen query of all chart objects
  • Compatible with PC-Planner – So you can plan a route and save it to your user card for use in your chartplotter

C-Map charts by Jeppesen provide richly detailed navigation information and up-to-date chart data.

Chart Areas

The chart area images above use short codes for each of the charts. You can use the table below to look up each chart’s short code.

Short Code Full Code Area
W+24 M-AF-C201 Africa Mediterranean North
W+54 M-AF-C202 W-Africa Azores, Canary, Cape Verde
W+55 M-AF-C203 Western Africa: Central
W+56 M-AF-C204 Southern Africa
W+57 M-AF-C205 Eastern Africa
W+58 M-AN-C013 Kamchatka Peninsula And Kuril Islands
W+175 M-AN-C235 North And South Korea
W+176 M-AN-C236 Tanabe To Tsuruga Inc. Shikoku
W+177 M-AN-C237 Miyazu To Abashiri
W+178 M-AN-C238 Okaura To Monbetsu
W+179 M-AN-C239 Ryukyu Gunto To Kyushu
W+62 M-AS-C201 Gulf Of Thailand To Hainan Dao
W+66 M-AS-C213 Minjiang Kou Gulf Of Tonkin Chu Lai
W+183 M-AS-C220 Fuzhou To Yantai
W+184 M-AS-C221 Yellow Sea To Korea Bay
W+185 M-AS-C222 Kalimantan And Sulawesi
W+186 M-AS-C223 Southern Indonesia
W+187 M-AS-C224 South East Indonesia
W+188 M-AS-C225 Philippines
W+67 M-AU-C207 Papua New Guinea
W+68 M-AU-C210 New Caledonia,Solomon & Vanuatu Islands
W+69 M-AU-C219 Port Macdonnell To Cape Melville
W+70 M-AU-C220 Cape Melville To Busselton
W+71 M-AU-C221 Kangaroo Pt. To Seal Rocks, Tasmania
W+72 M-AU-C222 New Zealand, Chatham I. And Kermadec I.
W+73 M-AU-C223 Ballina To Darwin
W+74 M-AU-C224 Esperance To Darwin
W+199i M-EM-C033 Ligurian And Tyrrhenian Sea
W+200i M-EM-C035 Adriatic Sea
W+75i M-EM-C090 Laguna Veneta
W+77i M-EM-C095 Low Tyrrheninan Sea - Tunisia - Libia
W+25 M-EM-C100 Spain Mediterranean Coasts
W+27 M-EM-C101 France Mediterranean Coasts
W+34 M-EM-C102 Black Sea And Marmara
W+26 M-EM-C108 Canal Du Midi
W+205 M-EM-C131 Aegean Sea And Crete
W+206 M-EM-C132 Greece: Ionian And Aegean Sea
W+199 M-EM-C933 Ligurian And Tyrrhenian Sea
W+200 M-EM-C935 Adriatic Sea
W+75 M-EM-C990 Laguna Veneta
W+77 M-EM-C995 Low Tyrrheninan Sea - Tunisia - Libia
W+28 M-EN-C068 Central European Lakes
W+6 M-EN-C070 Netherlands And Belgium
W+5 M-EN-C071 Ijmuiden To Esbjerg
W+40 M-EN-C072 River Rhein
W+39 M-EN-C079 Belgium Inland Water
W+79 M-EN-C082 River Danube
W+80 M-EN-C084 Dniepr River
W+9 M-EN-C124 Denmark
W+52 M-EN-C154 Greenland Coasts
W+10 M-EN-C160 Eastern Denmark
W+190 M-EN-C175 North Germany And Western Denmark
W+53 M-EN-C253 Western Sweden
W+12 M-EN-C255 South Eastern Sweden
W+21 M-EN-C256 Inland Sweden
W+19 M-EN-C257 Norrkoeping To Gaevle
W+17 M-EN-C259 Gulf Of Bothnia
W+18 M-EN-C260 Aaland Passages
W+14 M-EN-C325 Gulf Of Finland
W+153 M-EN-C339 Finland Lakes: North
W+163 M-EN-C343 Vaasa To Turku
W+164 M-EN-C344 Aaland To Kymi
W+166 M-EN-C346 Finland Lakes: South West
W+165 M-EN-C347 Finland Lakes: South East
W+171 M-EN-C348 Pavilosta To Tallinn
W+172 M-EN-C349 Tallinn To Jurmo Is. To Helsinki
W+51 M-EN-C402 Iceland And Faeroe Islands
W+8 M-EN-C565 Skagerrak, Goetheborg To Egersund
W+4 M-EN-C566 Mandal To Foerde
W+167 M-EN-C578 Sognefjorden To Trondheimsfjorden
W+168 M-EN-C579 Trondheimsfjorden To Tosenfjorden
W+173 M-EN-C580 Bjaerangen To Salangen
W+174 M-EN-C581 Osen To Bodoe
W+169 M-EN-C582 Vestfjorden To Nordreisa Fjord
W+170 M-EN-C583 Nordreisa Fjord To Kirkenes & Svalbard
W+15 M-EN-C604 Russian Lakes
W+182 M-EN-C608 Volgo Baltic Channel
W+11 M-EN-C706 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland
W+42 M-EW-C201 Central English Channel
W+46 M-EW-C202 Lleyyn Peninsula To Firth Of Lorne
W+22 M-EW-C203 France Atlantic Coasts
W+23 M-EW-C204 Iberian Pen. Atl. - Acores And Madeira
W+41 M-EW-C205 Eastern English Channel
W+44 M-EW-C207 Bristol Channel And Irish Sea
W+45 M-EW-C208 Bristol Ch. And Ireland
W+48 M-EW-C209 Irish Sea
W+43 M-EW-C214 Harwich To Orkney Islands
W+47 M-EW-C220 Shetland, Orkneys And Western Isles
W+36 M-EW-C221 Le Rhone: Marseille To Dijon
W+38 M-EW-C222 France Rivers: North
W+37 M-EW-C223 La Seine: Le Havre To Dijon
W+50 M-EW-C224 Scotland West
W+81 M-IN-C201 Eastern India And Maldives
W+82 M-IN-C202 Maldives To Gulf Of Martaban
W+193 M-IN-C204 Gulf Of Martaban To Jakarta
W+84 M-ME-C005 Caspian Sea
W+32 M-ME-C201 N-E Africa Med. And Middle East Coasts
W+85 M-ME-C202 Red Sea To Arabian Sea
W+189 M-ME-C205 The Gulf To Gulf Of Aden
W+87 M-NA-C039 Ohio And Monongahela Rivers
W+88 M-NA-C040 Mississippi And Illinois Rivers
W+89 M-NA-C041 Tn River: Paducah To Knoxville
W+90 M-NA-C045 Tombigbee Waterway & Black Warrior R.
W+91 M-NA-C046 Cumberland River
W+92 M-NA-C047 Inland Circle Route: Chicago To Mobile
W+156 M-NA-C049 Red And Ouachita Rivers
W+210 M-NA-C050 Arkansas River
W+93 M-NA-C101 Superior, Huron, No. Chann. & Grgn Bay
W+94 M-NA-C102 Lakes Michigan And Huron
W+95 M-NA-C103 Erie, Ontario And The Trent-Severn
W+97 M-NA-C202 St Lawrence, Rideau Canal & Champlain
W+99 M-NA-C204 Newfoundland And The Grand Banks
W+100 M-NA-C205 Fundy, Nova Scotia, Pei & Cape Breton
W+207 M-NA-C221 Labrador And Ungava Bay
W+208 M-NA-C222 Hudson Bay And Hudson Strait
W+101 M-NA-C230 Gulf Of Saint Lawrence
W+102 M-NA-C301 Passamaquoddy Bay To Nantucket
W+103 M-NA-C302 Cape Cod And Long Island To Albany
W+104 M-NA-C303 Shinnecock Bay To Lake Rudee
W+105 M-NA-C304 Norfolk To Bermuda To Jacksonville
W+106 M-NA-C306 Bahamas
W+107 M-NA-C309 Jacksonville To Fort Myers
W+108 M-NA-C310 Cape May To Winyah Bay
W+109 M-NA-C311 Cuba, Jamaica And The Cayman Islands
W+110 M-NA-C313 Muscongus Bay To Cape May: Bathy
W+111 M-NA-C314 Sandy Hook To Cape Fear: Bathy
W+112 M-NA-C315 Straits Of Florida: Bathy
W+113 M-NA-C316 Cape Lookout To Jax: Bathy
W+211 M-NA-C391 Explorer Charts: The Bahamas
W+114 M-NA-C401 St. Lucie Inlet To Lake Pontchartrain
W+115 M-NA-C402 Pensacola Bay To Gulf Of Honduras
W+116 M-NA-C404 Miami To New Orleans: Bathy
W+117 M-NA-C405 Gulf Of Mexico: Ocs Block Charts
W+118 M-NA-C406 Mobile To Brownsville:Bathy
W+119 M-NA-C501 Cuba To Trinidad And Tobago
W+120 M-NA-C502 Western Caribbean Sea
W+122 M-NA-C603 Hawaiian Islands
W+123 M-NA-C605 San Diego To Point Conception: Bathy
W+124 M-NA-C606 Coos Bay To Puget Sound: Bathy
W+125 M-NA-C607 Musician'S Seamounts
W+209 M-NA-C608 Coastside Fishing Club C-Card
W+203 M-NA-C612 Ensenada, Mx To Cape Flattery, Wa
W+204 M-NA-C613 Acapulco, Mx To Ensenada, Mx
W+126 M-NA-C701 Olympia, Wa To Port Mcneill, Bc
W+127 M-NA-C702 Nanoose To Victoria To Cape Scott
W+128 M-NA-C703 Cape Caution To Portland Canal
W+129 M-NA-C704 Texada Island To Caamano Sound
W+130 M-NA-C705 Banks Island, Bc To Sumner Strait, Ak
W+131 M-NA-C801 Dixon Entrance To Icy Bay
W+132 M-NA-C802 Gulf Of Alaska
W+133 M-NA-C804 Northern Alaska
W+134 M-NA-C805 Yakutat Bay To Kodiak I.: Bathy
W+135 M-NA-C806 Bristol Bay And Approaches: Bathy
W+136 M-PC-C203 Carolinas, Kiribati, Marshall, Marianas
W+195 M-PC-C205 Fiji, Samoa And French Polynesia
W+138 M-RS-C202 Russian Federation North West
W+139 M-RS-C203 Russian Federation North Central
W+140 M-RS-C204 Russian Federation North East
W+141 M-RS-C207 Hokkaido And Sakhalin Islands
W+142 M-RS-C208 Barents Sea West Fishing
W+143 M-RS-C209 White Sea - Barents Sea East Fishing
W+144 M-RS-C210 Volga: Cheboksary - Volgograd
W+145 M-RS-C212 Tver- Rybinsk
W+146 M-RS-C213 Moskva-Dubna
W+147 M-RS-C214 Rybinsk - Cheboksary
W+154 M-RS-C215 Volga: Volgograd - Astrachan
W+155 M-RS-C216 Kama River
W+157 M-RS-C217 Ozero Baykal
W+181 M-RS-C220 Moskow Channel And Oka River
W+201 M-RS-C233 White Sea West And Channel
W+202 M-RS-C235 Volgo-Don And Azov Sea
W+148 M-SA-C001 Peru To Pto Vallarta To Pto Bolivar
W+151 M-SA-C004 Puerto Bolivar To Rio De Janeiro
W+196 M-SA-C006 Rio De Janeiro To Falkland Islands
W+197 M-SA-C007 Strait Of Magellan To Golfo De Penas
W+198 M-SA-C008 Chile: Lima To Golfo De Penas
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