Ring Automotive PowerSourcePro Inverters
Watts: 1100
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Ring Automotive PowerSourcePro Inverters

The Ring Automotive PowerSourcePro Inverter 1100W is a high-quality inverter that takes power from a 12-volt battery and converts it to a 230V AC current that is suitable for household appliances.

The PowerSource Pro 1100W includes a USB charging point and is a great choice for anyone requiring mains current from a 12-volt car or caravan battery.

The PowerSourcePro 1100W will give 12 hours of constant use at 1100 watts before it needs to be allowed to cool and it features protection against high and low voltage and overload.

The digital display shows both application wattage and battery voltage so you can monitor usage.

The Ring Automotive PowerSourcePro Inverter 2100W boasts the same quality as the 1100W version and it is the right choice for a professional user who needs mains power for heavy-duty applications.

The PowerSourcePro Inverter 2100W includes wireless remote control and can run for 12 hours at 2100 watts before requiring a period of cooling.

The PowerSourcePro Inverter 6000W shares the quality, the features and the applicability of the 2100W model.


  • High-quality inverters
  • Ideal for professional users requiring mains power for heavy-duty applications
  • Able to provide 12 hours constant use at stated wattage
  • Equipped with USB charging port
  • Fitted with digital display showing application wattage and battery voltage
Model RINV1100 RINV1124 RINV2124 RINV2100 RINV6000
Number of Sockets Single Single Twin Twin Twin
Maximum power rating (W) 1100 1100 2100 2100 6000
Peak power (W) 0.01 secs 2200 2200 4200 4200 1200
Standby current (A) 0.16 0.25 0.5 0.45 0.60
Waveform Modified sine Modified sine Modified sine Modified sine Modified sine
Efficiency 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%
Input voltage range 10-15V DC 21-29V DC 21-29V DC 10-15V DC 10-15V DC
240V AC socket (BS approved) 3 pin 3 pin 3 pin 3 pin 3 pin
Fuse (A) 3 x 40 15amp (internal) 8 x 25 8 x 40 24 x 40
Weight (kg) 2.73 2.331 6.692 6.61 11.6
Continuous power rating 1100W (12 hrs) 1100W (12 hrs) 2100W (12 hrs) 2100W (12 hrs) 6000W (12 hrs)
Cable length (m) 1 1 1 1  1
Certification CE approved CE approved CE approved CE approved CE approved
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 170 x 290 x 150 170 x 290 x 145 80 x 360 x 230 95 x 365 x 235 150 x 650 x 235
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