Bolle Bumpy Ski & Snowboard Goggles
Colour: Shiny Black Plaid/Lemon Gun (Cat. 1), Size: Small/Medium Fit
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Bolle Bumpy Ski and Snowboard Goggles

Bolle Bumpy Ski and Snowboard Goggles are sharp-looking contemporary goggles that are the ideal choice for teens and smaller-fit adult snowsports enthusiasts whether their passion is skiing or snowboarding.

These high-tech goggles represent great value but they also look cool enough whatever lens and frame combination you choose for anyone to feel right in with the fashion on the slopes this season.

Bolle Bumpy Ski and Snowboard Goggles are packed with technical qualities that will ensure you will have the best view of the slope, the other slope users and any slope hazards such as trees and fences.

The eyes are 100% protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light by the P80 Plus/Carbo Glas anti-fog and anti-scratch lens with its wide field of view.

Fogging is also prevented by the technical combination of Flow-Tech and Equalizer Vent ventilation that simultaneously keeps the face feeling comfortable.

Comfort is further ensured by the triple layer of face foam against the skin while the goggles and strap are designed with modern helmet shapes in mind for a flat and secure fit.


  • Small/medium fit
  • Helmet compatible: Goggles engineered with latest helmet designs in mind so fit is smooth
  • Forestay System: Swinging outrigger maintains perfect fit with helmets
  • Triple-layer face foam: Ultra soft micro-fleece is only material touching face, backed with two layers of multi-density foam for firm soft fit
  • Wide field of view ensures maximum peripheral view of people and obstacles
  • Flow-tech venting reduces fogging and optimizes flow of air over inside of lens; venting ports control airflow while preventing clogging from snow and ice
  • Equalizer vent: Bolle Equalizer technology uses waterproof, breathable vent to eliminate moisture for distortion-free vision and no fogging at any altitude
  • 100% UV Protection: Lens blocks harmful UVA/UVB rays up to 400 nm
  • P80+ anti-fog: Bolle proprietary coating provides maximum protection against unwanted lens fogging and most scratching
  • Double lens: Creation of dual-pane thermal barrier between cold dry outside air and moisture generated by intense activity prevents distracting condensation from forming
  • Carbo Glas: Outer lens is sheathed in protective coating to prevent scratches

Bolle Lenses

  • Citrus Gun: Cat 2, 17% visible light transmission: Orange lens with silver mirror coating improves contrast and reduces glare; mirror coating transmits less VLT for excellent optical comfort in sunny conditions
  • Vermilion Gun: Cat 2, 22% visible light transmission: Pink lens with silver mirror coating brings out contrast and maximises colour definition; pleasant to wear in both cloudy and sunny conditions, this versatile lens gives excellent optical comfort
  • Lemon Gun: Cat 1, 50% visible light transmission: Yellow lens with silver mirror coating improves visibility in snowstorm whiteouts; effective in making ground features, bumps and lumps of snow more visible on piste and off piste
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