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Womens Backpacks

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Ladies’ Backpacks are designed specifically to provide the best fit for the different shape of some elements of the female form.

As a result, these Women’s Backpacks are considerably more comfortable for females because their special design helps to minimise tiredness and prevent rubbing and soreness on longer expeditions.

These Ladies’ Backpacks are large enough to hold all that you may need on an expedition.

Deuter Women's Backpacks designed specifically for women carry the SL label.

These Deuter Backpacks are modified versions of some of their standard backpacks that take account of differences in physique between men and women, although smaller men may also find them a particularly comfortable fit.

  • On average, women's backs are not quite as long as men's. The SL carry system is thus slightly shorter than Deuter's standard rucksacks and so the SL series are also the ideal choice for male users with shorter backs
  • To give a perfect anatomic fit around the upper body, the SL shoulder straps are both narrower and shorter in length
  • Soft edges to the straps, smaller buckles and narrow tapered strap ends prevent SL shoulder straps from chafing under the arms and eliminate pressure points on the chest
  • SL shoulder straps are set closer together to match the narrower shoulder width of the female anatomy and thus prevent slippage
  • For the waist belt to deliver a perfect anatomic fit when fastened, it is given a conical shape by angling the belt diagonally upwards and by curving the SL waist belt wings

Deuter Backpacks are designed to fit the average athletic build. However, since not everyone fits the norm, it is likely that women's models will fit many male users perfectly well and vice versa.

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Deuter Aircontact Pro 65L + 15 SL Rucksack
Deuter Act Lite 35L + 10 SL Ladies Backpack
Deuter Traveller SL 55L + 10  Backpack
Deuter Futura 30L SL Ladies Backpack
Deuter Zugspitze  20L SL Ladies Daypack
Deuter Aircontact Pro 55L + 15 SL Rucksack
Vaude Tacora 20L Ladies Hiking Backpack
Deuter ACT Trail 20L SL Backpack
Deuter Aircontact 50L + 10 SL Ladies Backpack
Deuter Superbike 14L + 4 SL Womens Backpack
Deuter Trans Alpine 26L SL Womens Backpack
Deuter Compact EXP 10L SL Backpack
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